Maiko Experience

Maiko and Geiko are undoubtedly one of the most notoriously known icons of Japanese culture. Yet to this day, the world of "kagai" (geiko districts) remains more or less closed to the public and limited to a small group of guests.
At Koudoukan, you have the rare opportunity to experience a private Maiko event.

*Photos allowed.

Program: One Maiko dancer, one Geiko musician, about 60 minutes, including Matcha tea and sweets.
Price: please contact us.

Enjoy a real Japanese banquet including a meal and sake, Maiko dance and games.

Program: One Maiko dancer, one Geiko musician, about 120 minutes.
Price: please contact us.
(We can arrange a banquet for up to 30 people.)

Yuuhisai Koudoukan
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