About Kyogashi Design Contest 2020

Since the first year of this contest, we have been organizing yearly confectionery
exhibitions under the themes of "Rinpa," "Jakuchu and Buson," "Hyakunin Isshu," "Tale of Genji," and "Manyoshu." This year, we will be presenting "ZEN," which is the spiritual base of the Japanese tea ceremony or Chanoyu.
We would like to see this event as an opportunity to get a fresh look into the world of Zen, which has been drawing attention from all over the world. We sincerely hope that our exhibition will also become an opportunity to widely spread the spirit of Japanese culture and the charm of Kyoto confectionery to the world.

Contest Details
Theme: Zen

Kyogashi has been created, influenced by literature, art, and Japanese poetry.
We are expecting kyogashi designs full of sensitivity, inspired by the world of Zen.


・Kyogashi Design Category:
Please submit a design concept. Chosen works will be turned into kyogashi by artisans and displayed at an exhibition.

・Tea Ceremony Sweets Creator Category:
Please submit a photograph of your original tea confectionery(namagashi). The winners will be asked to provide their handmade sweets by Thursday September24 for judgment, Tuesday October27 for display at the exhibition.


・Kyogashi Design Category:
Anyone interested in kyogashi, Zen, or Japanese culture.

・Tea Ceremony Sweets Creator Category:
Anyone who is able to make tea ceremony sweets.
※There are no limits on age, nationality or profession.

The Prize

The Jury

Application Dates

Submissions accepted from Saturday June 20, 2020 to Monday August 31, 2020

Application Process

  1. First round: Works will be selected from design concepts in the case of Kyogashi Design Category, or from photographs in the case of Tea Ceremony Sweets Creator Category. The results will be announced on the website. The applicants of the winning works will be noticed by mail. All chosen works will be displayed at the “Palm-sized Nature ‒ Zen” Exhibition2020.
  2. Exhibition set up: The works from the Design Category will be made and set up by kyogashi artisans. Applicants from the Tea Ceremony Sweets Creator Category will be asked to deliver their works in person or by post. The contestants will be notified about the exact dates and other details.
  3. Second round: The jury will select the Grand Prize and the Award of Excellence from the works chosen from the first round. (For the Tea Ceremony Sweets Creator Category, there will be a tasting exam as well.)
  4. Award Ceremony: A ceremony will be held on October 31(Saturday). ※The date may change.

How to Apply

◆ Apply by Mail Form:
Please fill in the mail form on the bottom of this page, and send it with the photo or image of your work attached.

Points of evaluation


Contact Information

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Mail Form - closed

Submissions are accepted until August 31 (Monday), 2020.
When the mail form is sent, we will send you a confirmation e-mail.
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