Sponsored by:Yuhisai Koudoukan
Kyoto City Cultural Consortium
Kyogashi was selected as "Intangible Cultural Heritage of Kyoto" in 2017.

Co-sponsered by: Kyoto City, Kyoto City Tourism Association, Japanese classical literature promotion committee
Supported by:Kyoto Prefecture
In cooperation with:Agency for Cultural Affairs

What are kyōgashi?

Built on the former site of the Edo-period private school, Yuuhisai Koudoukan, the center for study and arts, is once again organizing a Kyogashi sweets exhibition.
With their roots in the ancient tradition of confectionery used in ceremonies and rituals of the Imperial Court, kyogashi (lit. “Kyoto sweets” ) have developed into a vital part of the tea ceremony culture. Without doubt, they can be called one of the most artistic
foods in the world, filled with the essence of Japanese traditional culture such as art, literature, technology, and the love of nature. More than anything else, they are delicious and fun to share, which links them to the universal happiness of human beings. Since the old times, “sweets” have also served as a communication tool in Japanese life.
Kyogashi are small, 50-gram objects made by skilled craftsmen out of carefully selected ingredients, by using only a few basic tools. The form of kyogashi is quite abstract and sophisticated, which makes them the concentration of craftsmanship and tiny works of art. This small universe of sweets is filled with the essence of the seasons, reflected in the subtle changes of colours. They are given poetic names which trigger one's imagination.





About this year’ s topic “Palm-sized Nature - Zen”

Kyoto confectionery has a unique design, which corresponds with the place, occasion or the receiver. Classical literature along with Waka poetry have played a major role in creating themes and visual aspects for these small works of art. Since the first year of this contest, we have been organizing yearly confectionery exhibitions under the themes of "Rinpa," "Jakuchu and Buson," "Hyakunin Isshu," "Tale of Genji," and "Manyoshu." This year, we will be presenting "ZEN," which is the spiritual base of the Japanese tea ceremony or Chanoyu.
The history of chanoyu began with the introduction of tea from China along with Zen Buddhism, and it has continued to be under the influence of Zen philosophy ever since. Moreover, the sensitivity and aesthetics of Japanese people in general were greatly influenced by Zen. In recent years, Zen has been drawing attention from all over the world.
We would like to see this event as an opportunity to get a fresh look into the world of Zen. We sincerely hope that our exhibition will also become an opportunity to widely spread the spirit of Japanese culture and the charm of Kyoto confectionery to the world.

Exhibition Information

[Main venue] Yuhisai Koudoukan

Date: 11/1 (Sunday) ‒ 11/15 (Sunday) 2020
Time: 10 AM ‒ 5 PM (Admission until 16:30)
Holiday: Wednesday
Admission Fee: 500 Yen
Tea service: 1000 Yen (limited supply)
Matcha tea and special sweets chosen from the winning works
WEB: https://kodo-kan.com/english/


[Special venue] Old Mitsui Family Shimogamo Villa

Date: 11/1 (Sunday) ‒ 11/15 (Sunday) 2020
Time: 9 AM ‒ 5 PM (Admission until 16:30)
Holiday: Wednesday
Admission Fee: 500Yen
Junior/High School Students: 300 Yen
Elementary School Students: 200 Yen
Tea service: 1000 Yen (limited supply)
Matcha tea and special sweets chosen from the winning
WEB: https://ja.kyoto.travel/tourism/article/mitsuike/access.php


[Satellite venue1] Kyoto Gyoen Nakadachiuri Rest House :Restaurant "Higaki Saryo"

Date: 11/1 (Sunday) ‒ 11/15 (Sunday) 2020 9 AM ‒ 4:30 PM
Admission Fee: Free
WEB: https://nakadachiuri.jp/eng/


[Satellite venue2] JR Kyoto Isetan 2F Special site

Date: 11/4(Wednesday) ‒ 11/10 (Tuesday) 2020 10 AM ‒ 8 PM
Admission Fee: Free


What is Koudoukan?

The present-day Koudoukan was established by intellectuals and businessmen as an attempt to revive Minagawa Kien’ s place of study in the modern times. Using one of the pen names of Minagawa Kien “Yuuhisai,” the “Yuuhisai Koudoukan,” a modern learning center, was born. Being deeply rooted in the beauty and wisdom of traditional Japanese culture and art, we are aiming to create a high-level training system, giving birth to new concepts for the future. In order to achieve this, we are receiving support from many different individuals and groups. Also, we provide this venue as a platform where men and women of all ages, people with various talents
from different fields, gather together.

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