Sponsored by:Yuhisai Kodokan
Kyoto City Cultural Consortium
Kyogashi was selected as "Intangible Cultural Heritage of Kyoto" in 2017.

Co-sponsered by: Kyoto City, Kyoto City Tourism Association, Japanese classical literature promotion committee
Supported by:Kyoto Prefecture
In cooperation with:Agency for Cultural Affairs
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What are kyōgashi?

Kyōgashi are a type of artistic confection that originated in the culture of the imperial court and took shape through the tea ceremony and craftsmen. These sweets are, in short, a food of exceptional aesthetic quality. In a tiny world that fits into the palm of the hand, they express the rich seasonality of nature, which is a key component of any tea gathering. These small sculptures weighing only 50 grams crystalize the craftsmanship that is essential to Japanese traditional culture. This exhibition uses the rich history of Japanese classical literature to introduce kyōgashi in its many facets. Kyōgashi, in this context, become a means for experiencing the Tale of Genji anew in its subtle expression through traditional sweets.



源氏絵艦帖 巻45 橋姫 宇治市源氏物語ミュージアム蔵


About the Tale of Genji

The Tale of Genji is a novel written by Murasaki Shikibu during the middle of the Heian Period. The book depicts the aristocratic world of that time through the adventures of the hero Prince Genji. The images of that world, extending across a millennium into the present, continue to influence the culture we live in today. Works of classical literature, like The Tale of Genji, play an influential role in a range of Japanese traditions, including the tea ceremony. This exhibition offers the opportunity to reconsider the exquisite world created in this beloved tale that continues to be enjoyed today.

Exhibition Information

[Main site] Yūhisai Kōdōkan

Time:10:00〜17:00 (on 10/21, 10:00〜16:00)
   *Last entry is 30 minutes before closing
Admission:500 yen
Tea & Kyogashi:1,000 yen(Limited quantity)

Kyogashi artisan will explain about the exhibited works.
※Only at the main site, everyday except Wednesdays. Reservation is unnecessary.

[Special site] Old Mitsui Family Shimogamo Villa

Time:9:00〜17:00(Closed on Wednesdays) ※Last entry is 16:30
Admission:Adult 410yen/Middle School 300yen/Elementary school 200yen
Tea & Kyogashi: 1,000yen(Limited quantity)

[Special Tea Ceremony] 2018.10.27.Sat.
at Old Mitsui Family Shimogamo Villa

Time: 10:00/10:45/11:30/13:00/13:45/14:30
   A special tea ceremony will be held at each time.
Entry: 2,000yen
    ※Admission fee for entering the villa is required separately
Application:E-mail kyogashi@kodo-kan.com

Yūhisai Kōdōkan

Yūhisai Kōdōkan takes its name from a place of scholarship established during the Edo Period by Minagawa Kien (1734-1807), a Confucianist. This contemporary version offers a venue for experiencing and learning about Japanese culture events, performances, and exhibitions within a well-preserved traditional building.
Kōdōkan operates as a public foundation with the goal of preserving and promoting cultural endeavors, and can accept donations to support its efforts.

For more information, please see its website.

Yūhisai Kōdōkan

524-1 Moto-tsuchimikado-cho Kamigyo-ku Kyoto-shi
TEL/FAX:075-441-6662 E-mail:info@kodo-kan.com



● Kyoto Subway Karasuma Line "Imadegawa" Sta.
Or get off at "Maruta-machi" Sta., 8 minutes on foot

● Cross Kamichouja St. and Karasuma Ave.(KBS Kyoto northeastern corner)
To the west, beyond the first line to the north side

● From Kyoto Brighton Hotel
From the front of the hotel south, take the first street east, North side

● 15 minutes by taxi from Kyoto Station

Access to Yūhisai Kōdōkan